24 mei 2011

Flatline op YouTube

Sinds een paar weken staan er een leuk filmpjes op YouTube van een ooit erg bekende band uit deze omgeving. Op 19 november 1993 werd dit filmpje opgenomen van de band Flatline, waarin Erwin Baron, Ivo van Sluis, Rik Kremer, Richard Seegers, later vervangen door Paul Janssen en Cees Beekhuyzen speelden, tijdens de Rocknacht in Groesbeek. Maar er staan meer op. Via de volgende link zijn ook in de rechter kolom (of op de foto’s hieronder te klikken) de andere optredens te bekijken. zie het filmpje op YouTube.


This is the band I played in (the guitarplayer with a lot of hair ( back then….)). We started in the early nineties as an instrumental band. After a year or two we found the singer you are looking at: Cees Beekhuyzen (he also sang in Septuagint).

In september 1993 we recorded a demo in the Harrow Studio’s in Losser (Netherlands). Bands like Asphyx, Flesh made sin, Occult (later Legion of the Damned), Wicked Mystic, Melechesh have recorded albums there.

Originally on VHS (as you can hear and see) and digitalized to DVD (that’s why the parts are a bit weird). Luckily nowadays we have better recordings (as well as visual as in audio).

Rik Kremer – Lead Guitar
Erwin Baron – Rythm Guitar, backing vocals
Ivo van Sluis – bass
Cees Beekhuyzen – Vocals
Richard Seegers – Drums
(Paul Janssen replaced Richard in 1994)

Because of musical differences we parted in 1995 with our singer and thus the band bleeded to death. Anyhow, it’s worth to upload on our youtube channel for fun. 🙂

It never came to any record deals, but we sure had a great time, certainly since we started to use some pyro’s…